Dawnless - while hope remains

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Belatengeta — Poet Laureate—Tsegaye Gabre-Medhin, is Ethiopia’s premier versatile and prolific man of letters. For half a century now he has been ...

On the morning of March 10 , 3019 , the " Dawnless Day " began. Sauron sent forth a large mass of dark and foul clouds to cover the lands of Gondor (Possibly parts of Rohan as well, though it is never indicated in the book or the movie). Sauron's purpose was to spread fear and uncertainty among his enemies, as well as to aid his dark servants; it was said that dread was one of his greatest weapons. The forces of Mordor arrived on two fronts: the army of the Lord of The Nazgûl came forth from Minas Morgul (through the Morgul Vale ), and the other up the river Anduin from Umbar ; mainly the ships of the Corsairs with Haradrim and Easterlings . On March 14 , 3019, the Siege of Gondor began, and on the morning of March 15 , the Army of Rohan arrived with 6000 riders. While this was not enough for a decisive turn of the battle, it held the enemy off until the Umbar ships arrived, carrying, instead of corsairs: Aragorn and Halbarad , Gimli and Legolas , the Sons of Elrond, and the rest of the Grey Company .

Dawnless - While Hope RemainsDawnless - While Hope RemainsDawnless - While Hope Remains