Element of crime - live - 3sat festival 2007

Despite its inviting sunshine and mild climate, the city of Irvine, California, has long since rolled up the welcome mat for criminals. Irvine is a growing city, but the crime rate has actually gone down recently. The city's crime numbers easily beat both California and the nation. For example, Irvine had 48 violent crimes per 100,000 people, a bare fraction of California's average of 402 per 100,000. Murder and rape are both extremely rare in the city, helping residents to feel safe enough to walk around their city even late at night. Learn more about Irvine, CA crime rates.

Among the number of paraphilias discussed in De River's (1958) often cited work "Crime and the Sexual Psychopath," is sexual sadism. De River speaks of sadism as a compelling element in some lust murders; in others, arousal is not derived from the infliction of pain and suffering of the victim but rather from the act of killing itself. In this latter case, however, as with necrophiles, De River recognizes that even though the offender may not witness any prolonged degree of suffering on the part of the victim, he is likely to "[call] upon his imagination and fancy to supply him with the necessary engrams to satisfy his craving for his depravity." () This is not unlike lust murderers who torture victims before killing them, and then recall "an after-image (engram) of the sensation produced by the physical torture and mutilation, extending beyond time and space." () In each instance, lust murders are viewed as behaviors of sadistic sexual psychopaths.

Element Of Crime - Live - 3sat festival 2007Element Of Crime - Live - 3sat festival 2007Element Of Crime - Live - 3sat festival 2007Element Of Crime - Live - 3sat festival 2007