Billy boloby - the revival

Or how about the time I learned that ibuprofen is bad for people with Crohn’s disease? Most over-the-counter acetaminophen products make me feel queasy, so Advil was my go-to pain reliever. But because of you, I had to give it up. I’ve been in a lot of pain recently, but because of you I’ve had to just deal with it.

Interests : Primarily writing and music; though I enjoy other activities, such as ... actually, no, that's about it.

You've seen the commercial, the one about how we're always looking for the bathroom? That pretty much nails it. After my first flare-up, which lasted more than a week, the thought of traveling from West Palm to Miami, performing, and then traveling back, had my nerves rattled. I was afraid to eat because I didn't know if it would cause me pain or go right through me, or both. My self-confidence took a nose-dive. Onstage, I was nervous, but it wasn't stage fright. All I could think of was how much longer I'd have to be there, wanting to get it over with so I could get home. Safe. Well, I managed to get through the show without any problems, but that was a problem itself — I didn't really enjoy any of it.

Billy Boloby - The RevivalBilly Boloby - The RevivalBilly Boloby - The Revival