Erik hassle - smaller

@Dave: I like the larger 3 liter capacity of the Big Zip. Sometimes I don’t fill it all the way, but it’s nice to have the extra room just in case.

 · This song is by Erik Hassle . The following lyrics have portions which are unknown or missing. If you know the missing portions, please fill them in and ...

Legality of hollow-point bullets in your area is your responsibility. I do not offer load data advice. Load development and load safety is entirely your responsibility.


Don't know the song, but you sure as Hell more than do this justice. Don't need to hear the Original. This sounds just great.

Gas canister  stoves are (in my opinion) the best option for an ultralight backpacking stove as long as you can find the fuel you need where you are going. Canister stoves are simple, sturdy and efficient and work well in wind and weather. Unlike alcohol stoves, canister stoves also allow for precise heat regulation.

Buell XB9S Lightning: the original Lightning (in 2002) came with a smaller 984cc engine
Beull XB9S City-X: smaller 984cc engine motocross style bars, transparent bodywork.
Buell XB12S Lightning Long: longer wheelbase, more spacious riding position and slower steering geometry for a less manic ride. Other minor mods.
Buell XB12X Ulysses: 'adventure sport' style with enduro bars and bodywork and long travel suspension.

Erik Hassle - SmallerErik Hassle - SmallerErik Hassle - SmallerErik Hassle - Smaller