Yasuko agawa - come in christmas

Sterling Harrison? He was born in Richmond, Virginia, and, alas, he also passed away in the same town in late 2005. Sterling recorded with the Holland, Dozier, Holland team for a couple of early eighties releases, one of which is fairly easy to find, however, this other one took me twenty years to track down. 'One Size Fits All' is certainly no 'What's Going On'. You could almost say that, when it is bad, it is, well, fair at best, however, when it is good, it is terrific. The song 'You Got That Thing' I first heard on a compilation called 'Blessed Blackness', back in the early Nineties. To say that the track is one of the Eighties finest Soul songs, would not be an inaccuracy. It sits nicely alongside the likes of Johnnie Taylor's evergreen 'What About My Love', Bobby Womack's 'The Poet' or any of the similar releases from that era. Sterling's delivery drifts between various comparable vocal styles. Bobby Womack, Lamont Dozier, and even the late Walter Jackson. This song is simply a great Soul song. The album is described by some retailers as a sort of 'Boogie Holy Grail', whatever that might be. The title track could have easily come from the pen of George Clinton, with that theme running throughout the whole of the first side. 'Take It All The Way' could almost be a song from Beverly Hills Cop, sung by Lamont Dozier! Side two opens with his classic song, which is followed by a hugely improved series of typical Eighties, Dozier inspired songs. 'Jump In The Middle' is pure Lamont, 'I Feel The Love' likewise, with Sterling saving the best for last in the shape of 'She's So Sensitive'. File that alongside Sunfire's 'Step In The Light'. A very good album, raised above the average by THAT track. Although produced by Holland Dozier, Holland, in truth the set is a Brian Holland and Harold Beatty vehicle (with Harold penning much of the material here). Featuring the likes of the Waters, Marva King, John Barnes, this album was released in 1981 on the POP Phonomasters Ltd imprint....

Yasuko Agawa - Come In ChristmasYasuko Agawa - Come In ChristmasYasuko Agawa - Come In ChristmasYasuko Agawa - Come In Christmas