Pearl jam - 7.16.06 san francisco

C'mon people, wake up...wake up. Where has everyone gone?

Neil is releasing a new album and launching an archives web-site next Friday.

Oh, and by the way he's also playing and streaming an intimate acoustic show from Canada.

He's looking back, he's living in the moment and he's looking forward. Surely there's something for almost everyone here to like, so, please share your thoughts, expectations, hopes and/or memories.

I want to hear from you.
So again, a basic question to ponder:

Do you prefer living in the past with Neil and his music?
or living in the moment with Neil and his new music and fascination(s)?
or looking forward with Neil?

or is it all one moment and we have all been here before?
or are you no longer passionate?

C'mon, let's keep the words and thoughts flowing. Yesterday's gone but remembered fondly; today is here and I'm thankful; and tomorrow promises good things to come..

"Take my advice
don't listen to me"